Hammer Toe

Claw Toe

This disorder is often diagnosed in diabetics, or those that may have nerve, muscle or joint disorders. When women wear high heels that are excessively high, it causes the toes to be pushed up against the shoe and can cause the toes to remain in that position after the shoes have been removed. Hammer Toe may also be the result or side effect of a congenital birth defect, or seen in children that consistently wear shoes after their feet have outgrown them. A mallet toe is evident on the 3rd digit ICD – 10 M 20.4 , Q 66.8 ICD – 9 735.4 , 755.66 MedlinePlus 001235 MeSH D037801

Hammertoe is a type of deformity where the toe looks like a hammer or claw, due to abnormal bending. It develops after wearing of ill-fitting footwear like shoes with high heels or shoes smaller than the actual length of the feet. This condition leads to unbearable pain in the toes, which can be relieved by the means of surgery. It involves making a narrow incision in the toe area and removing a section of the bone in order to straighten the toe joint. If required, the length of the tendon at the joint is increased during the procedure.

The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) provides information on a variety of topics, including foot care for adults, children, and people who have diabetes; proper shoe fit; and how to select children’s shoes and sports shoes. Some information is available in several languages besides English. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) provides information about foot and ankle injuries, sports-related foot concerns, surgical and nonsurgical treatment of foot problems, special medical issues such as diabetes, and resources in your local area. Some information is available in Spanish. You can probably treat your toe joint problem at home. If you start right away, you may be able to avoid surgery.

Crooked toes are a common health problem among Americans, and there are several crooked toe syndromes. What kind of crooked toe problem you have depends on the degree and direction of deviation in your affected toe’s joints. In some cases, your abnormal toe position is not permanent, and your toe may be realigned using conservative care techniques. Crooked toes are extremely rare in shoeless populations or groups of people who do not wear conventional footwear. Although this type of injury is mostly found in athletes who play on artificial turf, but everyone is susceptible to turf toe. A simple stumbling and jamming can also lead to this problem.claw toe deformity

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One of the first things you may notice if you have hammer toe is pain in your toes, and it may hurt to walk on your feet. Next you may notice that your toe is starting to bend at the middle joint, and that it looks like a claw. You may see some redness on the affected toe. That would be from the rubbing of your toe against your shoe when walking. You may even develop corns that are very painful on your toe because of the irritation of wearing shoes.

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